Japan's Onisi x Coco Ichibanya outdoor ready-to-eat curry dehydrated rice

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【product description】

The curry dehydrated rice produced by Osai Dehydrated Rice and Coco Ichibanya 🥘

Reduce the weight of curry rice to 260g , You can also enjoy a delicious meal while traveling lightly!


Oishi dehydrated rice is Japan's emergency food for disaster prevention.

also Convenience merchandise for nutritional supplements such as outdoor dining, camping and mountain climbing,

Popular with backpackers and campers or climbers.

✅ Super lightweight packaging (about 260g per pack), easy to carry and store

✅ Made in Japan, using 100% Japanese rice and Japanese ingredients, with a variety of flavor options

No need to cook, Just pour hot water or room temperature water for conditioning

Freeze-dried for long-term storage (up to 5 years shelf life) , keep the original taste of the ingredients

✅ Dehydrated rice comes with a spoon , No need to prepare dishes, you can eat directly in the bag



1. After tearing open the package, remove the remove the desiccant , seasoning and spoon

2. Pour hot water or water into the water line inside the bag and mix the ingredients, seasonings and rice thoroughly

3. Close the bag and wait (15 minutes in hot water / 60 minutes in room temperature) and enjoy


【Product information】

Japan's Onisi x Coco Ichibanya outdoor ready-to-eat curry dehydrated rice

 Weight  260g
 Dimension 26 x 20 x 3.5 cm

Vegetables (onion, potato, carrot), palm oil, sugar, dextrin, curry powder, tomato paste, salt, garlic paste, roasted coconut paste/yeast extract, dried bonito extract, spice/thickener (modified starch, xanthan gum), seasoning. Ingredients (amino acids, etc.), caramel pigment, emulsifier, antioxidant (vitamin C), fragrance, spice extract [Alpha rice] Non-glutinous rice (domestic)

 Fat 8.6g
 Salt equivalent 2.6g
 Carbohydrate 85g
 Energy 448 kcal
 Protein 7.7g